Everything You Need to Know About VW Driver-Assistance

February 28th, 2020 by



Volkswagen has a variety of driver-assistance features available to help you navigate rush hour traffic with ease. Continue reading to learn more about the safety features available in our new Volkswagen models

Volkswagen Driver-Assistance Overview

Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring

Front Assist uses radar technology to detect pedestrians who may suddenly step in front of your car. If a person is detected, the system immediately alerts the driver and will increase the braking pressure so you can react accordingly. If no response is made by the driver, the system can apply the brakes automatically to avoid or mitigate a potential collision. 

Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist)

Take the pain out of parking with available Park Assist. This feature scans for available perpendicular or parallel parking spaces that can accommodate your Volkswagen as you travel. Once a space is detected, the system will take over steering functions as it guides you to brake, shift, and accelerate safely into your parking space. 

Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist)

This feature can read and interpret lane markings to determine if you are traveling safely in your lane. If it detects that you may be drifting out of your lane or off the road, the system will countersteer to help you return safely to your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

With Adaptive Cruise Control, you can set a cruising speed and relax knowing that if the car ahead of you slows down, the system will automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance between you and the other car. Once the car returns to normal speed, ACC will accelerate back to your preset speed

Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist)

Traffic in the city can stop abruptly and without warning. Forward Collision Warning constantly monitors traffic to alert you to potential collisions so that you can immediately hit the brakes. Autonomous Emergency Braking increases the braking pressure to make your brakes more responsive and can even activate the brakes automatically in an emergency.

Blind Spot Monitor

By utilizing the sensors from Front Assist, available Blind Spot Monitor can detect if another vehicle is traveling in your blind spot. If evasive measures are not taken, then the Autonomous Emergency Braking will automatically slow the car to avoid a collision.

Test Available Safety Features in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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